Mother's Day is a generally accepted and celebrated tradition. But what about Father's Day? Your dad deserves the same appreciation and care. Say how much you love him with this pure rapeseed candle gift bag. Our Father's Day collection is designed with masculine but still gentle colours like teal, lilac, purple and grey. Each candle is decorated with colour-matched heart-shaped embeds for beautiful visual impact. Make your choice now and enjoy a warm love-lit evening together!


This gift set includes:

1x frosted-teal-coloured classic pure rapeseed candle with heart embed

1x small gift bag with with window - black

1x special label add-on: Best Dad Ever


Rapeseed candle gift bag - classic frosted teal

  • This Pure rapeseed candle comes in a frosted-teal colour classic glass jar. It is designed with a colour-matched heart embed for more visual impact.  The vessel diameter is 7.5 cm, and it is 7.5 cm high. Its net weight is approx. 125g, and estimated burning time is around 20 hours, depending on optimal burning conditions and candle care.


    Our Pure line is designed with minimalistic vibe. Both our 100% rapeseed wax, and our glass vessels, come from European suppliers. These rapeseed candles are eco-friendly, clean-burning and known for its impeccably smooth texture. Candles in the Pure line are unscented, suitable for fragrance-sensitive persons. They come in beautiful elegant glass jars of different colours and shapes.


    All our candles are handcrafted, and therefore made in small batches.


    Always follow candle care tips for safe and happy experience!