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I'm Emma, the hands, mind and voice behind this candle shop. I am Czech, but have been living in Brussels for over ten years.

​Interested in my handcrafted natural candles? If you have questions or special inquiries, you're welcome to contact me through this form.

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You can read about how my candle shop came to be in my origin story on the blog. I write about why I was looking for a non-toxic option for candles (because of chronic illness - endometriosis), and how I am a fragrance-sensitive person. All this led to my love of beeswax candles, and thus the story begins...

amazon associates programme

It is quite rare but every now and then I share links to candle-related products on my blog. The Amazon Associates Programme makes it easier for me. (You can click the photo and will be taken directly to the German Amazon product page). If you then make an order on Amazon, I receive a small percentage from the amount paid. (The price you pay for your order remains the same!) I will always put a disclaimer on a post that contains affiliate links, and you can decide if you’re ok supporting me in this way. I can assure you that any money earned through this programme will go back into Heart of Europe Candles!

Ordering Online


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From candle lover to a candle maker? It's a journey! Making good quality candles is just part of it. Creating a micro business involves so much more. From trying to find suitable product suppliers, learning to design my own graphic, doing my best in product photography...

Come along with me and be there from the very beginning!


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