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zero waste approach

Beeswax ornamental candle with


Wasting as little material as possible throughout the whole process is important to me. I collect wax scraps during candle making, as well as leftover wax from used candles, and make tealights from them! If you live in Brussels and pick up your candles in person, you can return leftover wax and jars to me.

  • Collect leftover wax and/or jars and return them to me for zero-waste approach. I'll give you a special deal on your new candle!

  • There are tips on how to remove wax stuck to your glass holder on our FAQ page, and a blog post with instructions on how to clean leftover wax from your glass vessels so that you can reuse them for something else in your home!


If you are available and willing to pick up your candles in person, we have good news for you! You can enjoy beautiful candles AND be nice to the planet! You can have your candle refilled for a better price.

How to get a candle refill?

  • When you are making your next order, choose the Candle refill product, instead of a new candle. You will find all refill options on our Discounted candles page.

  • Enjoy a better price!

  • Choose the “Handover in person" option. After we’ve received your order, we will be in touch for a handover in person where you will give us your used candle jar to have it refilled. (If you are motivated enough, you can also send the jars to me by mail. Get in touch with me to arrange details.)

  • Your new candle will be ready within a week, and you will get it in person, or by mail (if you have paid for shipping).

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We realise the above-mentioned process is a bit tedious, but it is important to us to have this option for our environment-conscious customers. We are looking into other possibilities, like making a candle refill insert that could be sold and shipped just like any new candle. But we cannot make any promises for now.


Do you want to repurpose your candle jars? A tutorial on how to clean used candle jars is now available on our blog!



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