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natural candles

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100% pure beeswax pillar candles of different sizes and weights. Beeswax-soy blend candles in elegant amber jars.

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Candles made with 100% rapeseed wax - non-GMO, sustainable, European source. Unscented, suitable for fragrance-sensitive persons. Pillar candles or elegant glass vessels for beautiful home decor.


Scented rapeseed candles with mild, non-overwhelming scents. Our fragrances come from Grasse, France, and are all phthalate- and CMR-free (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic substances).



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handmade with care

You deserve to get the best product possible! Candle making is a science that marries understanding of materials, precision, patience and subjective taste. We only use European suppliers and natural ingredients. Each batch of candles is hand-poured into molds, or into elegant glass jars. Visit our shop to get your own candle supply!

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We make sure our candles burn cleanly and well. But you can help, too! To enjoy your candles to the fullest, make sure you read and follow our candle care tips.


There is so much more to it than just selling candles. In our Heart of Europe Candles blog, we share details on topics from how to burn your candles safely and efficiently, through our zero-waste approach to candle making, to behind the scenes bits and pieces of having a small business. Join along and read about topics you are interested in!

Find out about how unscented candles can be good to your health, how to use your candles properly to make the most of them, and how you can get 10% off your next order if you return your leftover wax and jars.

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latest blog posts


Are you fragrance sensitive? You may benefit from natural unscented candles. But you can still get something special! Beeswax is the king of all waxes, the ultimate gift of nature. It has a mild honey smell that is soothing, rather than irritating.

Rapeseed wax is a renewable non-GMO resource coming from Europe. It is characterised by an impeccable smooth texture and exceptionally clean-burning.

Choose your favourite candle and enjoy a cosy healthy atmosphere at home!

Harsh chemicals in scented candles can be  too much for some people. But even non-scented candles can be beautiful! Choose one to create soothing atmosphere in your home and start your days recharged and healthy.

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zero waste approach

My candle-making started with recycling and repurposing old candles and food jars.

I believe no leftovers should be wasted. I use every piece of leftover wax, transforming it into sample tea lights. If you collect leftover wax and jars from my candles and return them to me, I'll give you a special deal on your next order!

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If you can pick up your candles in person,

you can have your candles refilled! Read more about our zero-waste approach on the Zero Waste page.

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