What does Heart of Europe candles offer?

Updated: Oct 15

Use this article as your starting point. It contains a short paragraph on ALL our products and services in the shop. From beeswax candles to free shipping to new subscribers.

Welcome to the shop! Here are the products and services Heart of Europe Candles offers to make your life richer, warmer, more relaxed, and happier. It will be regularly updated so that you can always know what’s going on in our shop. You can bookmark this article and have a shortcut ready for any time and occasion you need. Enjoy Heart of Europe Candles!

Beeswax candle line

Beeswax candles are the best natural, non-toxic and zero-waste option for any candle lover. They emit a natural mild honey smell, and if taken care of properly, they will leave hardly any waste once they are used up. They are the most natural option for fragrance-sensitive persons.

Tip: At the bottom of the beeswax candle page, you will find an Accessories section containing candle holders, and gift bags and boxes.

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Rapeseed wax candle line (unscented)

Our rapeseed candles are unscented but not boring! Find simple yet elegant candles in beautiful jars. Or playful cute candles with colourful decorations. Rapeseed is, in my opinion, the best wax after beeswax. Our rapeseed wax is a plant-based, renewable source. It is made in Europe, i.e. there is no need to ship over from the US, where most of soy waxes are produced. The supply chain is much shorter. It is made from non-GM source. It is REACH-compliant, not tested on animals. The fact that it’s a European resource means it has to comply with various EU rules. It burns cleanly and guarantees smooth surface of candle. (Did you know that soy candles have a bumpy bubbly texture after they’ve been lit and have cooled down? Rapeseed doesn’t do that. It’s an aesthetic win.) It can be used in its pure form (The majority of local eco-friendly candle makers make plant-based candles, advertising them as “bougie végétale”. It’s usually a mix of soy, coconut and rapeseed waxes. Don’t ask me why they do that, probably because it’s the cheapest.)

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We're offering a small selection of scented candles! As you may know, I am not a big fan of strong scents. That is why in my shop, I aim to create candles with milder non-overwhelming scents. Fragrance perception is quite subjective, so I’ll always be happy for your feedback! You can toggle how much scent a candle is giving out a tiny bit, read more about it in my blog post! There is a reason why scented candles require a CLP label in the EU. Fragrances are chemicals, and have to be treated as such. I have decided to only use candle fragrances that are certified phthalate- and CMR-free (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances). All our candle fragrances come from Grasse, France, they are all specifically intended for candles. They all come with a safety data sheet that I can provide upon request. If you're not sure what scent you would like, you can opt for our Scented Candle Trio, a small discovery gift set containing small jars with all three fragrances. You can order one to simply discover our scent options, or it makes a great gift for a special occasion! And vice versa, if you already have a favourite scent, you can now get it in an XL double-wicked jar!

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Gift sets

On the gift set page, you can choose the perfect gift for any occasion. From small bags to deluxe gift boxes, gifts with only one candle, or gifts containing several candles and different types of candle holders. You can always add a small personal note to any order. With gift sets, you can use the drop-down menu to choose the colour of the gift box, the colour of the silk wrapping paper, as well as choose a special label that suits your purpose. The current selection of special labels includes: Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Sweet Home (housewarming), Thank You, Wedding Day, and neutral labels of Beeswax and Pure Rapeseed Candles. There is always a special label available with special collections.