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Do you hate the idea of throwing your candle jars away? Are you environmentally conscious? Are you available and willing to collect your candles in person? We have good news for you! You can enjoy beautiful candles AND be nice to the planet! You can have your candle refilled for a better price. We will be happy to create a similar design as your original candle (or any of our current seasonal designs).


This product is intended for unscented candle refills. For more refill options (succulent candle, scented regular and scented XL), please find the links on our Zero-waste page or have a look at our Discounted candles (you will find the refill option there, too).



Conditions apply: You need to be able to return your candle jars in person (if you aren’t, the order will be annulled). Candles cannot be refilled more than twice.

Candle refill - Pure

PriceFrom €10.00
  • 1) When you are making your next order, choose the Candle refill product, instead of a new candle.

     2) Enjoy a better price!

     3) Choose the “Handover in person” option. After we’ve received your order, we will be in touch for a handover in person where you will give us your used candle jar to have it refilled.

     4) Your new candle will be ready within a week, and we will schedule a handover in person again.

  • You need to be able to pick your candles up in person. If you are motivated enough to send the jar by post, please get in touch to arrange details. If you aren’t, the order will be cancelled.


    Candles cannot be refilled more than twice.

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