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Always Remembered. We carry our loved ones in our heart forever.


Create the ultimate gift! Add gift packaging to your cart and we will gift-wrap your candles for you. Our special label marks the occasion, even though we are saddened to hear that you need this one in particular.



There are several options for you:


- small gift bag with window (suitable for a couple of pillar candles)

- small gift bag with hearts (suitable for one container candle or up to three pillars)

- simple large paper bag (suitable for two container candles or one XL container candle as well as smaller gift sets like tealight gift boxes or Succulent duo gift set)

- luxury small gift bag (suitable for one container candle or up to three pillars)

- luxury large paper bag (large enough to carry two XL container candles or various of our pre-made gift sets that come in boxes)



Note: If you choose a gift bag that is too small for the candles you need to gift, we will change the gift bag to a more suitable one.



Any candles in the photos are not part of the gift bag packaging.


Always Remembered gift packaging

PriceFrom €3.00