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Candles with Charm

We are introducing Candles with Charm – candles that contain a little extra, a small ornamental charm pendant that complements the design of the candle! A collectable cute ornament, and a great complement to any gift.

A candle isn’t just a piece of wax that you light when you need a bit more light. It is so much more! It can serve as a statement piece, set the mood and feel of your home, bring warmth and cosiness to your evenings. It can anchor you in your intentions, accompany you during yoga or meditation. It can serve as a reminder of something or someone. It can become a step towards living in synch with nature. It can be a wonderful gift.

Charms as decorative jewellery, tokens of good luck, or to motivate you and help set intentions

For me, candles mean all this and more. I put a lot of effort into looking for the right materials and designs. And now, I would like to bring to you something new and extra. Candles with charm! From now on, some of my candle designs will contain a cute little pendant charm to complement the look and feel of the candle. My aim is to not only make the candles look great, but also give you something extra that symbolises what the particular candle stands for. So for example, our Nature Worship gift bag contains a little Tree of Life charm. Our Chakras meditation candle will include a charm in the form of the Om symbol. Or our planned Wise Owl candle will include a beautiful owl charm. The owl is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and endurance and perseverance. Attach the pendant to your key ring, bracelet or necklace, and you will always be inspired to pursue these qualities!

Which candles will contain a charm?

There are three situations in which a charm will be available:

  • Charm is part of the design of the candle – We will be offering candles that include a charm as an integral design of the candle. This will be the case mostly for our Intention and ritual candle line, where we are offering candles that symbolise a deeper meaning and are there to accompany you in your journey. Our Nature Worship gift bag will always come with a Tree of Life Charm attached to it. The Chakra meditation candle comes with a charm in the shape of the OM symbol. More candles will follow. I am currently working on other candle designs (e.g a Moon Goddess candle that stands for good health and fertility.) These candles will also come with their own charm, though we will be offering options with, or without the charm for when you buy the candle repeatedly. It will be up to you whether you'd like the option with or without a charm pendant.

  • Charm is part of limited editions – There will be candles where the charm is part of the candle design, but only a limited number of candles will include the charm (because only a limited number of charms will be stocked). This is the example of our planned Wise Owl candle. Even though I am confident that I have sourced a sufficient number of cute owl charms, it could happen that we run out, and the candle will be offered without the charm in the future. The same will apply to our Halloween Candle of the Month in October. Keep an eye out for the Newsletter.

  • Charm marks a special occasion – Twice a year, Heart of Europe Candles runs a charity sale. One at the beginning of the year to support Help Animals Belgium (the next one is planned for March 2022), and one around Black Friday to support a local charity of choice (for November 2021, we will be supporting L’Ilot Lutte contre le Sans Abrisme). During these events, a part of all proceeds is collected and goes to the charity. From now on, we will be offering (a limited number) of charms to mark the occasion. The charm will serve as a token that you supported a good cause. You can add it to your collection, and be proud of yourself!

Surprise! Sometimes, you will now know what you’ll get

Many of our charms come in sets, where each individual design is a little different. The charm will always complement the design of the candle, but the actual charm you get may vary a bit. So sometimes, you will not know what exactly you’ll get. It’ll be a surprise! (See the picture of the Owl pendant charms above. The overall look is similar but owls are made in different colours.) Also, like this, you will not get the same charm twice.

On the other hand, with some of our candle designs and gift sets, the charm will always be the same. Just browse through the product photos and you will find one depicting the charms that come with that particular candle.

Also, let me note here that even though it is becoming increasingly popular to add charms and jewellery directly inside the candle wax, I chose to not do that. The charm will be attached to the candle, or the gift bag, from the outside, saving you the unnecessary effort and energy of having to clean it from wax. And keeping the candles safe, as it will be removed before the candle is lit.

Charms by other small European artisans

When I can, I will be looking to acquire these charms from small European artisans. It is a process, so I cannot promise that all our charms will be handmade by other small makers. I do want my candles to be beautiful, made with local materials, but also not overly expensive. I can assure you that I will be constantly on the hunt for a good price from European artisans. Check out the product descriptions for the mention of small European makers who supplied the charm!

What can I do with the charm?

Here are a few suggestions on what to do your charm pendant:

- Put it on your key ring.

- Add it to your bracelet or necklace.

- Put it on your USB key.

- Place it in your wallet as a good luck charm.

- Let me know other ideas you have come up with. Even better! Post a photo of your new charm with hashtags of #HeartOfEuropeCandles and #CandleWithCharm! I can’t wait to see your pictures.

Make it a collectable!

Apart from great gifts, our charms can become a little something you like to collect. Each individual charm will represent a moment or a concept that is meaningful to you, so why not make them collectable? Let me know how your collection is growing, and boast about your charms with pictures and tags!

Sneak peek…

Is there anything else you’d like to know? Oh yes, let me give you a sneak peek into what you can look forward to in the next months. As mentioned above, I am working on a Wise Owl candle (in a container), and a Moon Goddess candle (in beeswax and rapeseed). You can look forward to a special Halloween Candle of the Month in October, and you will get a special charm if you support our charity candle sale around Black Friday in November. There will definitely be new charms available as part of special collections next year (Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day), and keep an eye out for a cute animal charm for our charity sale to support Help Animals in March 2022!

As always, please let me know what topics you’d be interested in! You can send me an email at, or send me a message via our Facebook page or Instagram. And share with your friends and family!

Also, if you're interested in getting all the news and not missing anything, remember to subscribe to our Newsletter below. Our Newsletter goes out regularly, twice a month. We are offering free shipping on your first order to new subscribers!

Enjoy your candles, and until next time!


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