Candle holders, my favourite finds

Updated: Jun 30

You should always place you pillar candles or tealights on a suitable candle holder. In this article, I would like to share some of the favourite ones I came across on European Etsy, and German Amazon.

Note: This article contains Amazon-affiliated links. You can click on the picture, and will be taken to the product page on German Amazon. Read more about affiliate links I use on this blog.

Ever since I discovered Belgian / European Etsy, I try to shop there as much as possible. The main goal is to support fellow makers from Belgium, or Europe. But I’m a mere human, and I do my shopping on Amazon, too. It still can trump Etsy on offering the right product I am looking for.

If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, I warmly suggest you read my article called Handmade in Belgium. Etsy is a platform specifically for handmade products, and even though it is not as popular in Europe, as it is in Anglo-Saxon countries, you can use a country specific filter, and support local makers that way. For me, for example, it was great when I needed to send a gift over to Canada. I just found local sellers, and everything was easy and a great success.

If you like a specific candle holder in this article, I highly recommend you go and check out the particular Etsy shop. Look at other items in the shop, they usually carry more candle holders in a similar style, so there’s a chance you will come across something that suits your preferences even better. Let me also note, as a point of order, that for Etsy items, I contacted each and every shop owner and asked for a permission to recommend their shop, and kindly requested a photo to be published on this blog. They were all very nice and welcomed the opportunity to be featured. Go check them out!

Now let’s get to it! I’d like to share some candle holders I have come across, and I liked. Click on the photo to go to the product page. I am not putting prices in this blog post, as they may change in time. I encourage your to go and explore for yourself. I hope this will bring you inspiration for when you need to come up with gift ideas! And remember to always burn your candles safely!


TEALIGHTS or votives

I personally love love love the effect that a nicely designed tealight holder can give you when a candle is lit inside. I am obsessed especially with Christmas themed ones (there's something magical about the inviting light and warmth of a candle on a dark evening) but for this blog, I tried to feature ones that are going to be stunning throughout the year.

Remember, click on the photo to go to product page!

Fran Johnson House Wooden candle holder (Etsy, based in Bulgaria)

Why buy something mass produced when you can have your candle holder personalised?

You can choose various designs, including Mr.&Mrs., In Loving Memory, a family tree and many more!

ITO Made in Italy Lotus candle holder (Etsy, based in Italy)

Made of biodegradable plastic, this Lotus candle holder will bring a calm and romantic atmosphere to your home, painting beautiful images on your wall.

BrusselsMade Anthracite tealight holder (Etsy, based in Belgium)

This concrete hexagonal tealight holder has a minimalist but elegant look. You can choose from various shapes and colours in the shop. Go have a look!