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Candle holders, my favourite finds

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

You should always place you pillar candles or tealights on a suitable candle holder. In this article, I would like to share some of the favourite ones I came across on European Etsy, and German Amazon.

Note: This article contains Amazon-affiliated links. You can click on the picture, and will be taken to the product page on German Amazon. Read more about affiliate links I use on this blog.

Ever since I discovered Belgian / European Etsy, I try to shop there as much as possible. The main goal is to support fellow makers from Belgium, or Europe. But I’m a mere human, and I do my shopping on Amazon, too. It still can trump Etsy on offering the right product I am looking for.

If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, I warmly suggest you read my article called Handmade in Belgium. Etsy is a platform specifically for handmade products, and even though it is not as popular in Europe, as it is in Anglo-Saxon countries, you can use a country specific filter, and support local makers that way. For me, for example, it was great when I needed to send a gift over to Canada. I just found local sellers, and everything was easy and a great success.

If you like a specific candle holder in this article, I highly recommend you go and check out the particular Etsy shop. Look at other items in the shop, they usually carry more candle holders in a similar style, so there’s a chance you will come across something that suits your preferences even better. Let me also note, as a point of order, that for Etsy items, I contacted each and every shop owner and asked for a permission to recommend their shop, and kindly requested a photo to be published on this blog. They were all very nice and welcomed the opportunity to be featured. Go check them out!

Now let’s get to it! I’d like to share some candle holders I have come across, and I liked. Click on the photo to go to the product page. I am not putting prices in this blog post, as they may change in time. I encourage your to go and explore for yourself. I hope this will bring you inspiration for when you need to come up with gift ideas! And remember to always burn your candles safely!


TEALIGHTS or votives

I personally love love love the effect that a nicely designed tealight holder can give you when a candle is lit inside. I am obsessed especially with Christmas themed ones (there's something magical about the inviting light and warmth of a candle on a dark evening) but for this blog, I tried to feature ones that are going to be stunning throughout the year.

Remember, click on the photo to go to product page!

Fran Johnson House Wooden candle holder (Etsy, based in Bulgaria)

Why buy something mass produced when you can have your candle holder personalised?

You can choose various designs, including Mr.&Mrs., In Loving Memory, a family tree and many more!

ITO Made in Italy Lotus candle holder (Etsy, based in Italy)

Made of biodegradable plastic, this Lotus candle holder will bring a calm and romantic atmosphere to your home, painting beautiful images on your wall.

BrusselsMade Anthracite tealight holder (Etsy, based in Belgium)

This concrete hexagonal tealight holder has a minimalist but elegant look. You can choose from various shapes and colours in the shop. Go have a look!

Rominox Tealight holder (Amazon)

Tealight holders in the shape of a half moon are also quite popular these days.

I think this one is gorgeous. Plus, they have quite a few options and shapes available.


Even though it is possible that your pillar candle will not leak (especially if you hug it regularly), it should always be placed on a candle holder. The more unusual shape a candle has, the more likely it is that some of the wax will leak out. But no matter! There are many amazing options for you to choose from. Make them a statement piece that elevates the feel of your home!

Werkbeton Concrete candle holder Windlight Louisa (Etsy, based in Germany)

Get just one holder, or a set of different ones! I like that the tall glass envelopes the candle,

which makes it great for the balcony or garden. Your candle will be protected from the wind!

Flaksis Wrought iron forged candle holder (Etsy, based in Latvia)

This is a masterpiece. Made completely by hand using a combination of traditional and modern blacksmithing tools and techniques, it will fit most of our pillar beeswax candles.

ArtOzone 3 wooden lanterns (Etsy, based in Poland)

These lanterns are made of recycled wood scraps from a local carpentry shop. Set of 3.

I absolutely love the idea that nothing is wasted, and leftovers are re-made into something beautiful.

Tempe Candlestick (Amazon)

Carved from the wood of the eucalyptus tree, this candle holder has a rustic feel to it, reminding me of a cabin in the woods. It should be able to hold the majority of our beeswax pillar candles!


Taper candles basically cannot exist without holders. And even though you could use an old wine bottle, I highly recommend getting a specific candle holder for them. There are so many options to choose from! Some of them are even made in such a way, that they will fit both tapers and wider pillars.

MT Manufaktur Hamburg (Etsy, based in Germany)

A concrete taper holder in the form of a rose, that's unique! Check out this shop if you like

minimalist concrete designs. They make concrete look adorable!

GoMaihe retro candle holder (Amazon)

For being a taper holder, I find this one is unique. It has an unusual shape, and a modern feel to it.

It comes in a set of 2.

Lewondr glass candle holders (Amazon)

This was my personal pick when I needed a holder for tapers. I love the clean look of glass,

and appreciate the versatility of this trio of holders. You can fit in a tapers, as well as stand a pillar on them. Come in a set of 3 of different heights.


Who would have thought that I'd need a category like this in this article. But I do! There are so many different styles and types of candle holders, all of them beautiful, all suitable for different types of home decor. In the main categories, I tried to give as much space as possible to handmade products from Etsy. Here, there are more of my Amazon finds.

Olde Hansa Shoppe Handmade metal candle holder (Etsy, based in Estonia)

Wrought iron candle holder modeled after medieval goods.

Benorse Geometric wooden candle holder (Etsy, based in Latvia)

Amazing craftsmanship made with birch wood. Brings a rustic, yet sophisticated feel to your home.

A set of 3 of different heights.

GoMaihe 2-piece Vintage candle holder (Amazon)

This candle holder has a romantic feel to it. It should be able to fit a tealight, or a votive candle.

I'm sure it gives a nice dancing image on the wall.

Supreme Lights glass tealight holder (Amazon)

This vessel design is becoming quite popular these days. And no wonder,

it looks beautiful with the flicker of the flame inside.

Wuudi candle holder (Amazon)

I like the minimalist and sophisticated look of these.

Come in a set of 3.

Belle Vous candle holder (Amazon)

There is a completely different feel to this holder. If you like clean and elegant shapes,

this may be it for you! You can put tealights, votives or even bigger pillars in it.


HappyBee beeswax candles craft kit (Amazon)

Do you want to try a hand at making candles yourself? Maybe a fun project with your children? Try this beeswax candle making kit for rolled candles! Let me know how you liked it.

Opaltool Candle accessory set (Amazon)

There is a plethora of similar candle care kits available on Amazon.

I am considering reselling a selected one, so that you can easily get everything candle related in my shop. Would you be interested? Let me know!

As always, please let me know what topics you’d be interested in! You can send me an email at, or send me a message via our Facebook page or Instagram. And share with your friends and family!

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Enjoy your candles, and until next time!


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