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What small businesses I am supporting this festive season

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Choosing to buy from small local artisans is more important than ever. Why not do it this Christmas?!

Before the Black Friday and Christmas shopping craze begins, I’d like to share with you my favourite small artisans I am buying from this season. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts, this may be a good inspiration guide for your purchases. And more importantly, I’m hoping that this post may change the way you look at your shopping habits in general, focusing more on buying from local small artisan shops.

As a meme on Instagram goes: If you buy from a local small artisan, they actually do a little dance when your order notification arrives. It’s true! 😊

Buy small and local, try searching on Etsy

Because we’re all aware of how important it is to shop local and support small, I don’t need to elaborate on it here. So let me get right to my favourite shops. All of the ones mentioned in this blog post are on Etsy, and I’m hoping that this will remind you that there is plenty of artisans in your country offering quality handmade products. Remember, that you can use filters on Etsy, choosing a specific country, Europe or European Union to find the best options for you. Also, keep in mind that Etsy may be a great place to look for personalised gifts or gifts to send to your family and loved ones in another country. If you want to know more about shopping on Etsy, read my blog article called Handmade in Belgium.

Let’s get to it!

Christmas cards by Barbara Denef Design


The Christmas cards I’ll be sending out this year are designed and made by Barbara. She has a selection of magical Christmas and other themed foldable cards.

Christmas decorations by Ceraminic

(The Netherlands)

Ceraminic is offering a wide range of cute ceramic Christmas ornaments, and much more! One of the gifts for my family comes from her shop this year. (Obviously, I can’t reveal what it is yet.)

Eco-friendly stationery by Duskiane


Diane makes hand-painted watercolour cards and posters, as well as beautiful planners and other stationery. Welcome to a world of colours and magic!

Scandinavian home décor by mueggelig Berlin


This season, I have fallen in love with the elegance and cosiness of Scandi décor. I made a beautiful addition to our winter-themed décor from this shop, and am also getting some gifts for my friends from them. They offer a range of candle holders, too!

Personalised baby and childrenswear by

Soft Cotton Delight


If you’re looking for something personalised to mark a very special occasion, this may be your shop!

Customized leather work by Author L


Victor makes beautiful customized leather items in his workshop in Kyiv. You can choose from a wide range of useful products. Your support for this artisan will mean a lot to him more than ever in these troubling times!

My favourite local artisans from Belgium

Do you still need a bit more inspiration? Here is a list of other Belgian shops and artisans I have bought from, and love. Make sure to explore their shops and consider their products for gifts, or to simply to treat yourself!

Hypoallergenic soaps by

Olga Handmade TreasurE


Olga’s soaps were designed specifically to ease up her young son’s skin reactions. They are creamy and soft, you can choose from unscented or mildly scented options. I love them!

Handmade notebooks by Grimoires Grisembois


I am absolutely in love with Stephanie’s handmade notebooks. I got some for both myself and my friends in the past. You can choose from a huge range of amazing binding and cover options, both with seasonal flare or elegant simple designs.

Hand-drawn paintings and cards by Arctemisia


Cecilia offers hand-drawn cards, paintings and other creations. Her background as an old-book conservation specialist draws her towards medieval designs but she loves doing drawings of nature, too!

Hypoallergenic bath products by Bubbly BUBBLES be


Another hypoallergenic body care shop I was quite happy with. I got myself a set of mini bath bombs and can warmly recommend them. Carla also offers colourful bath products for kids.

Creative DIY soap box by BubblyBUBBLESbe (click to visit)

Note: This blog post is not sponsored, and does not contain any affiliate links.

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Enjoy your candles, and until next time!


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