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Why rapeseed wax candles?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Heart of Europe Candles specialises in non-toxic beeswax and rapeseed wax candles. Why do we choose rapeseed over soy?

With the imminent launch of our Valentine’s Day Collection which contains primarily rapeseed wax candles, I’d like to come back to the question of why I have chosen rapeseed wax over soy or paraffin. (Technically, rapeseed wax, like other plant-based waxes, is not "wax" but "hydrogenated oil".) Soy candles are all the rage nowadays as a plant-based eco-friendly alternative to crude-oil-derived paraffin. So why do I believe rapeseed is superior to soy (at least in Europe)?


This is what I like about the rapeseed wax I use for my candles:

- Plant-based, renewable source.

- Made in Europe – There is no need to ship the wax over from the US or the UK, where most of the soy waxes are produced. The supply chain is much shorter.

- From a non-GM source – The majority of soy crops in the US are GM.

- REACH-compliant, not tested on animals – The fact that it’s a European resource means it has to comply with various EU rules.

- Burns cleanly and guarantees a smooth surface of a candle – Did you know that soy candles have a bumpy, bubbly texture after they’ve been lit and have cooled down? Rapeseed doesn’t do that. It’s an aesthetic win.

- Can be used in its pure form – The majority of larger European candle makers I've come across advertise their plant-based candles as “bougie végétale”. It’s usually a mix of soy, coconut and rapeseed waxes, often proprietory or simply unspecified. I prefer to say exactly what wax I use. Most often, it is 100% pure wax. In some cases, I will use a blend (e.g. in our Bee Soy candle for better performance in a jar). And sometimes, when the usual rapeseed wax is out of stock (supplies have been unstable, unfortunately), I will reach for a rapeseed-coconut wax blend in order not to have to stop production. In any case, you will always find all the information on the product label, as well as the product page on our website.

- Not tested on animals - The rapeseed waxes we are using (both for pillar candles, and for containers) are certified "Not tested on animals".

- Is vegan – For those of you who choose not to use any products coming from animals, our beeswax candles are obviously not an option. You can reach for our rapeseed candles instead!

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Enjoy your candles, and until next time!


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