Candles of unusual shapes

Free-standing candles of unusual shapes will leak. This is a reminder to put them on a suitable candle holder. Also, beeswax and rapeseed wax candles do burn slightly differently, so keep that in mind.

When you light a candle of an unusual shape, you can be sure that sooner or later the melted wax will leak out. While it is possible to prevent leakage of cylinder-shaped candles with so-called candle hugging, it is virtually impossible to do with candles of unusual shapes.

Make sure the candle holder is large enough

It is important to always(!) put a free-standing candle on a candle holder. But with some of our new large candles (the Chakra meditation candle, and the upcoming Halloween spider candle, Christmas angel and Santa's sleigh beeswax candles), it is also important to make sure that the holder is large enough to be able to collect all the wax. Otherwise, the leaking wax would overflow onto your furniture in the end. If you're not sure whether the candle holder would be large enough, you can always place the candle with your candle holder on yet another surface that is easy to clean (a small plate, a cutting board, a paper towel). You can test your new candle out, and you will have a better reference point next time you buy a candle of a similar size and/or shape.

Reuse and repurpose what is in your home

The good news is that you do not have to invest in new candle holders if you don't want to. Just look around and be creative. I have been successfully using bamboo or paper/plastic trays some food from supermarkets comes on (e.g. sushi or local cheeses). You can see the trays in the pictures. You can also use a simple small plate or teacup saucer (ideally an old one, dedicated to candles only). Ikea offers some larger candle holders that are both elegant and affordable (good examples are IDEAL or SINNESRO).

Bonus point

If you manage to find holders of a concave shape (a bowl-like shape), you can extend the lifespan of your candle (by up to 2+ hours with the large candles). The wax will be contained by the tall walls, and will gradually be consumed when the flame descends down. (Contrary to leaking further and further away from the wick if the walls do not rise.) The SINNESRO Ikea holder should do the trick, or you can keep an eye out for the Belgian brand SERAX when you're downtown (e.g. in the INNO gallery). The products are more expensive than Ikea but they are local and good looking. Officially, the trays are not marked as candle holders but as I said above, it doesn't hurt to be creative. I have bought one a few months ago, and it works fantastically with my new Chakra candles (see picture below). Or here is a link to a Serax product that would work, too. You get the idea!

For smaller candles (Tree of Life, mini owls, mini pumpkins), you can use our Round stainless steel candle holder. It has a slightly curved shape, and therefore works well in extending the life of the candles. (The glass one will work fine, too.)

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