How about some Easter vibes? Decorate your home with these ornamental Easter egg beeswax candles to bring some warmth to your table.


This beeswax beehive candle weighs approx. 50g and its burning time is around 12 hours, depending on optimal burning conditions and candle care.


This Easter egg candle is also part of our Spring rapeseed and beeswax gift set, as well as our Easter egg beeswax candles gift set.


Beeswax Easter egg - ornamental

  • Our free standing beeswax candles are made of natural and pure beeswax from a German supplier and are hand-poured into moulds to create our unique shapes and designs. These candles are unscented but have a natural mild honey smell and are ideal for fragrance-sensitive persons.


    Our candles are handcrafted, and therefore made in small batches where quality is key.


    Always follow candle care tips for safe and happy experience!