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How about some Easter vibes? Decorate your home with our new pastel-coloured rapeseed candles! You get a choice of cute spring colours, as well as shapes (check out the whole Easter collection). Invite spring to your home and enjoy cosy bright light.


This rapeseed large egg candle weighs approx. 100g and its burn time is around 14 hours, depending on optimal burning conditions and candle care.




Large Easter egg rapeseed candle

PriceFrom €6.00
  • Our free-standing rapeseed wax candles are made of natural rapeseed wax from a European supplier and are hand-poured into moulds to create our unique shapes and designs. These candles are unscented, vegan, and are ideal for fragrance-sensitive persons.


    Our candles are handcrafted, and therefore made in small batches where quality is key.


    Always follow candle care tips for a safe and happy experience!

  • Follow a few simple steps to make the most of your candles!


    Beeswax pillar candles can happen to burn unevenly (especially if you don't straighten the wick before first lighting the candle, or if you leave it standing somewhere where the flame is affected by draught). This is normal but you can try so called "candle hugging" to increase the lifespan of your candle.


    If your candle is leaving a taller mantle on one side, try this: Once you blow your candle out, gently push the tall unburnt part of the candle towards the wick, so that the wax gets consumed next time. It’s called “candle hugging”. Be very careful and don't get burnt!


    These candles are not made with a self-trimming wick. If the wick of your candle starts curling, mushrooming or is simply too long, trim it with sharp scissors to the length of about 6 to 8 mm before ne