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Our rose beeswax tealights weigh approx. 15g and their burning time is around 5-6 hours each, depending on optimal burning conditions. With these refills, you will get only the tealight, no alluminium cups. You can easily reuse your previous alluminium cups (just pop the metal wick tab out before putting the refill in). Or even better, you can use glass tealight holders and put your tealight refill directly in.



You can buy them in bulk, with no fancy packaging. You will get a mix of tealight refills with various star and four-leaf clover designs. You get a 15% discount if you buy 20 tealights, 20% discount if you buy 30 tealights, and 25% discount if you buy 50 tealights.



Order delivery time depends on the amount of candles ordered. Please allow sufficient time for production and delivery.


Rose tealight refills (no cup) - bulk 10, 20, 30, 50

PriceFrom €19.00
  • Our free standing beeswax candles are made of natural and pure beeswax from a German supplier and are hand-poured into moulds to create our unique shapes and designs. These candles are unscented but have a natural mild honey smell and are ideal for fragrance-sensitive persons.


    Our candles are handcrafted, and therefore made in small batches where quality is key.


    Always follow candle care tips for safe and happy experience!

  • Always place tealights on heat resistant surfaces, or into heat resistant holders.


    Do not move tealight once the wax has melted.


    Look at our candle care page for more tips!

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