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Welcome to our Spiritual, intention and ritual candle line! These candles are intended to accompany you during your yoga / meditation / intention / affirmation sessions, or any other ritual that is important to you. Set your intention, get in the zone, and let the symbolical energy of these candles guide and energize you... They also make a great gift!



The Sun & Moon container candle is part of our Candles with Charm concept, so you will get a small owl charm with this gift bag. The particular charm will be chosen randomly but it will be sun / moon / stars themed.

Sun & Moon candle with charm

  • This pure rapeseed candle comes in a large white coloured frosted jar. Each vessel is 9 cm tall and 8 cm wide. The net weight is approx. 200g, and estimated burning time is around 40 hours, depending on optimal burning conditions and candle care.


    Our Pure line is designed with a minimalistic vibe. Both our rapeseed wax, and our glass vessels, come from European suppliers. These rapeseed candles are eco-friendly, clean-burning and known for their impeccably smooth texture. Candles in the Pure line are unscented, suitable for fragrance-sensitive persons. They come in beautiful elegant glass jars of different colours and shapes.


    All our candles are handcrafted, and therefore made in small batches. Always follow candle care tips for a safe and happy experience!


  • Follow a few simple steps to make the most of your candles!


    For container candles, the duration of first burn can change how the candle will behave. It is especially true for harder waxes (like paraffin) but applies for this candle, too.


    Your first burn should be around 3 to 4 hours. Wax has memory and if you do not allow for a big enough first melt pool, the candle will start to tunnel. At the same time, with this rapeseed candle it is ok to see a layer of wax on the walls for the first few burns. The inside of the glass vessel will grow hotter and hotter as the flame descends, and will eventually dissolve the remaining wax.


    The wick of this candle likes to be trimmed! You can use scissors, or just snip it off with your finger before you next light it. Our rapeseed candles can handle having their wick trimmed down to 4 mm long, and will appreciate it. Doing this regularly will prevent flickering and sooting of the flame.


    Look at our candle care page for more tips!

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