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When it comes to variation of waxes, you can’t beat a rich and pure beeswax to inspire a daydream like no other. Lighting one of our 100% pure beeswax candles you’ll immediately enjoy its natural mild honey smell reminiscent of meadows full of bright-colored flowers and humming bumble bees. Adding a beeswax candle to any room will bring an organic and comforting sense of home with a cute design aesthetic.



This Sweet Home pure beeswax candle weighs 230g. It is a great statement piece that will bring a sense of coziness to your home. Its burning time is around 15 hours, depending on optimal burning conditions and candle care. Please make sure you put it on a large enough candle holder. Candles of unusual shapes leak.



This Sweet Home candle is also part of our Sweet Home scented gift set, together with a scented candle of your choice.

Sweet Home beeswax candle

  • Our free standing beeswax candles are made of natural and pure beeswax from a German supplier and are hand-poured into moulds to create our unique shapes and designs. These candles are unscented but have a natural mild honey smell and are ideal for fragrance-sensitive persons.


    Our candles are handcrafted, and therefore made in small batches where quality is key.


    Always follow candle care tips for safe and happy experience!


  • Free-standing candles of unusual shapes are very likely to leak. Make sure you always place this candle on a large-enough suitable candle holder (e.g. this Oval stainless steel candle holder, or a larger one).


    Even though there are ways to prolong the life of pillar candles of typical cylindrical shapes, it is much harder to employ these techniques with candles of atypical shapes. Look at our candle care page and our blog for more tips!

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