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USB rechargeable candle lighters work on the principle of electric coil that produces electricity and are powered by a long-lasting Li-on battery. They have several advantages:


  • They are a durable product that leads to less waste.
  • They are often made without plastic.
  • They are safer to use than gas lighters or matches.
  • They are easy to use, light the wick very fast and will reach even deeper candle jars.
  • They are wind-proof and can easily be used outside.
  • They come in elegant designs.

USB rechargeable lighter

  • This lighter is a REIDEA product that I'm reselling in my shop as a candle accessory in order to improve my customer's candle experience.


    Here is a link to the REIDEA product page.

  • Just add the required number of lighters in your cart. They will arrive together with your candles.

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