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Succulent candles for plant lovers

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Natural rapeseed and beeswax candles that bring a cute succulent garden to your home. The perfect plant lover gift!

I am excited to introduce a new candle collection that Heart of Europe Candles is offering for this summer: Succulent Candles! That you’ve never heard of them? Don't worry, I’ll tell you all about them in this blog post and you’ll fall in love.

What are succulent candles?

Succulent candles are one of many trends rocking the candle and home décor world. They are what the name suggests – candles designed like small succulent gardens in a jar. Sometimes, they are also called “terrarium candles” or “cactus candles”.

Thousands of designs are possible

There is a huge variety of succulent candles out there. From tiny succulent tealights, through small party favour candles containing one little cute succulent in them, to large double- or triple-wicked candles that are bigger than your hand.

The variety is enormous. Succulents come in various different shapes and sizes, and so do succulent candle designs.

The colours are even more diverse! There are limits to what nature can do. Not for candles! You can find succulent candles in many different variations. Though most naturally, they come in various shades of greens and earthy tones, succulent candles can be made entirely to fit your taste. Colour schemes of shades of pinks, oranges, purples, blues or even greys can be created by makers. It really depends on what the brand and customers find intriguing.

A regular candle or a decorative piece only?

Candles can of course be made for decorative purposes, in addition to their main goal of creating ambience and a feel-good mood. Some candles are naturally more suitable for décor only. But what about succulent candles? It depends on how they are made!

I would say that there is no reason to not light your succulent candle (even though I suspect you really won’t want to not mess up the delicate design). There is one exception to this statement. I do not recommend lighting candles (succulent, or any other decorative type) where the embeds (the succulents and other decorative "objects") reach above the rim of the jar. Once the candle is lit, the wax will melt and pool in the jar. If there is too much wax above the rim, the wax will have nowhere to descend to and will leak out of the jar. That is not good for your furniture unless you make sure you place such a candle on a large enough plate or holder. Succulent candles filled up over the jar rim tend to be for decorative purposes only, and are often not meant to be lit.

That is why many candle makers create the whole succulent garden INSIDE the jar. The candle is filled only partially so that the embeds do not reach above the rim of the jar. You can happily light such a candle and not worry about ruining your furniture! The net weight of the candle may be lower than with simpler candles but remember that you’re not paying for the wax weight only, you’re rather buying a small piece of art! I can assure you that there is a lot(!) of work and effort that goes into creating a succulent candle.

Please keep the same rule in mind when buying succulent tealights. The succulent embeds will melt, and the wax will collect in the tealight holder. It is much harder to create a lot of wiggle room for the wax to collect inside for tealights (even though I do my best!), so it’s a good idea to always place your succulent tealights on an extra plate or candle holder for additional issues prevention.

Heart of Europe succulents

And what are we offering in our candle shop? You will find various designs of succulent candles in our Summer Vibes Collection. As with our other candle lines, you have the opportunity to choose from smaller candles and gift sets to medium-size candles, and large double-wicked ones. Several jar shapes and colours are also available.

Our succulent candles are made with a base of 100% rapeseed wax (like other candles in the Pure and Scented lines), and the colourful embeds are made of coloured beeswax. Due to the characteristics of rapeseed wax (it is very brittle), I have not been able to create a 100% pure rapeseed succulent candle. I just wasn’t able to get the tiny detailed succulents out of the moulds without breaking.

With some candles, you have the opportunity to pick your colour schemes: green+pink, green+orange, blue+pink. I will be working hard on adding more options to the store depending on what our customers like and are looking for. Feel free to send me a message with suggestions via the contact form on the website, or via our social media @HeartOfEuropeCandles!

Burn them!

All our succulent candles are designed to be burnt! Of course, you can keep them as beautiful décor pieces for a while but don’t hesitate to light them and observe how the embeds melt and the colours blend together. The more dust your candle gathers, the more sputtering and cracking there will be once you finally burn it. Subscribe to our newsletter for special deals and discounts, so that you get your candles at a better price and feel less guilty about lighting them!

As always, please let me know what topics you’d be interested in! You can send me an email at, or send me a message via our Facebook page or Instagram. And share with your friends and family!

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Enjoy your candles, and until next time!


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