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Spring and Easter are here!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Whether Easter for you is a religious holiday, a remnant of old pagan traditions, or just a time to look forward to longer days and warmer weather… no matter. Happy Easter!

Easter candle collection

Those of you who are subscribed to our Heart of Europe Candles newsletter have seen that we’ve launched a special Easter candle collection. Well, here’s a bit of behind-the-scenes scoop: Having an Easter collection wasn’t the plan. 😊 It was a coincidence of me having my birthday in April… and getting an early birthday present. Beeswax candle moulds!

My amazing boyfriend agreed to get me a generous collection of candle moulds. And even though I haven’t been allowed to see all of them yet, I was presented with two new Easter egg moulds to have Easter candles ready for everyone to decorate their home with. Yay!

Figuring out a new candle

The process of creating a new candle consists of several important steps. First, you need to find what wick works best with your wax and the mold shape and diameter. I got right to it. I poured a few Easter eggs, used my best judgement to estimate what wick would work best for them. I had to make a couple of tweaks… but then, the candles were ready, brightening up our living room together with a beautiful bunch of tulips. Yes, that’s another perk of having a candle shop. You buy flowers for your home, or rather, for your product photos.

I took the photos, edited them, and went on to find the best way to add a menu to my website that would feature a special collection. It worked out well! You can browse all our Easter candle options here. It contains three different designs of beeswax Easter egg candles, as well as two pre-made gift sets. One with Easter egg candles only, the other one with our spring-green pure rapeseed candle, and an ornamental beeswax Easter egg. The second one is also our Candle of the Month for April. So if you're subscribed to the Candle of the Month subscription box, this is what you get to your doorstep for April.

Also, I added our special-label add-on product to the collection, so that it’s easier for you to add to your basket if you’d like to add a Happy Easter label to your order. It may be a bit late to tell you about all this now (a link to this blog post is going out in our first April newsletter, and if you don’t follow Heart of Europe Candles via Facebook or Instagram, you may not have seen the info yet). But no matter. I will be using the same system from now on, adding a special label option together with special collections, whenever there are some. (Like Mother’s Day collection next month.)

Easter egg candles will be available in the shop till the end of April.

Czech Easter tradition

Having beeswax Easter eggs in our household has another advantage. The Czech Easter tradition dictates that women decorate Easter eggs and give them to the men in return for being switched with a young willow tree branch. It is a pagan ritual celebrating fertility, the beginning of a new season, and trying to banish all things bad and unhealthy, encouraging good health for the year ahead.

Small boys and girls usually visit their friends and family on Easter Monday performing the switching (they have to recite a rhyme that goes with it), and the girls reward them with hard-boiled decorated eggs, or sometimes chocolate eggs. Older men also get a shot of brandy.

Being with a South-Africa-born, Toronto-raised boyfriend isn’t particularly ideal for following an Eastern European ritual where the man beats the woman in exchange for a gift. In our case though, it’s not because Warren’s western sensibilities would not allow it. It’s because he’s allergic to eggs and all things poultry! 😊 No point preparing hard-boiled decorated eggs for him. So having an egg candle or two in my Easter basket comes in quite handy!

How do you celebrate Easter? I’d love to hear about your family’s / country’s / culture’s Easter traditions. Please comment below, or get in touch with me via email or social media. And if you have some photos of Heart of Europe Candles and some Easter or spring décor in your home, I’d absolutely love to see those, too!

As always, please let me know what topics you’d be interested in! You can send me an email at, or send me a message via our Facebook page or Instagram. And share with your friends and family!

Also, if you're interested in getting all the news and not missing anything, remember to subscribe to our Newsletter below. Our Newsletter goes out regularly, twice a month. We are offering 10% off on your first orders to new subscribers!

Enjoy your candles, and until next time!


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